What It’s All About

  • What It’s All About A Pamphlet ISBN 978-3-86789-154-7 48 pages

    It’s festering. The crisis is declared to be over, when really it’s just getting started again. Millions of people are afraid of the future. A tiny minority possesses billions. The middle class is in being torn apart. Fear and poverty cause civic consensus to crumble. Racism and ecological destruction rise. Loss of trust, panicked reforms, a revolution in the media. We are experiencing the beginning of a complete transformation. Things can’t simply go on as they have.
    Clever and judicious, Jutta Ditfurth brings order to the chaos of the discussion and reveals the interests of those involved. Free of alarmism, she makes it clear what this is really all about. She tells us what’s truly threatening us and what we can do about it.
    Hidden beneath the din of the »news«, the cries of »reformers« and the noise of »experts« are opportunities for radical humanism. An indispensable guide for anyone who wants to get to the heart of the debate.


    Jutta Ditfurth

    is a sociologist, publicist and political activist in the extra-parliamentary left. She was federal chairwoman of the Green Party, resigned in 1991 and formed the Ecological Left Party (Ökologische Linke) herself in the same year. From 2001 to 2008 and again since 2011 she’s represented the voters association ÖkoLinX-ARL in the »Römer« civic building in Frankfurt. Her last publications with Rotbuch were »War, Atomic Energy and Poverty. What They Say and What They Do: The Greens« (2011) and »Through invisible Walls: How Does Someone Like That End Up on the Left?« (2011).