The Wiki Revolution

  • The Wiki Revolution The Crash and Restart of Western Democracy ISBN 978-3-86789-152-3 270 pages

    Whether you look at the success of Pirate Party, the rekindled anti-atomic movement or the protest against »Stuttgart 21« (a giant construction project in the heart of the city) – more and more people in Germany and other places in the world are expressing their discontent with politics and the established parties.
    We’ve experienced stably functioning democracy for many decades in western Europe, but now it’s fallen into a backslide. Countries in Europe and elsewhere are simultaneously threatened by the greatest national debt crisis in decades. Greece, Portugal, Italy; the end is hardly in sight.
    Wätzold Plaum analyses the rigid sociopolitical conditions of today and shows how phases of paralysis, like the one we’re experiencing, often precede a budding revolution. Today the internet is making new forms of democracy possible. WikiLeaks and Wikipedia epitomize the principle that underlies this change. Germany’s rising Pirate Party wants parliament to secure cultural and technological achievements.
    Wätzold Plaum’s view of current events is as intelligent as it is original and he develops his vision of a wiki republic in practical concrete steps.


    Wätzold Plaum

    , born 1975 in Göttingen, earned a PhD in mathematics after studying physics, mathematics and the history of science. He’s currently completing a doctorate in philosophy. He works on software development in the automotive industry and he is a member of the Pirate Party. Plaum lives with his wife and two sons in Gifhorn. »The Wiki Revolution« is his first book.