Terror from the Right

  • Terror from the Right The Nazi Murders and the Failure of Politics ISBN 978-3-86789-163-9 236 pages

    The list of assaults, murders and attacks by the extreme right in Germany is a long one. But until now things were swept under the carpet. And a well-established cliché on the subject goes: at most, Neo-Nazis terrorize the back country of eastern Germany. The NSU (National Socialist Underground) and the ten murders that are attributed to it have, horrifyingly, refuted this assumption: neo-Nazis also have also murdered in the major cities of western Germany, for years, undisturbed. It’s not possible to ignore it any more. An unprecedented failure on the part of the political system and the security agencies were what allowed these crimes to occur.
    In his book, Patrick Gensing shows how the neo-Nazi movement radicalized itself after 1989/90, hardly meeting with any resistance in the process. He analyzes the complex extreme-right spectrum and proves that the NPD is closely associated with the terrorists. And he takes into account passive politicians who look the other way when murders with neo-Nazi motives are committed. But the bloody trail of the extreme right terrorists reveals what politicians and the media have played down for too long: how acute the threat of terror from the right really is.


    Patrick Gensing

    , born 1974, works for the tagesschau.de newspaper and contributes to Panorama and other ARD TVshows. He is a commentator in the TAZ newspaper and since 2006 has also run a well-known blog, which has been nominated for numerous prizes. In addition, he was honored with the Axel Springer Prize. His most recent book is »Attack from the Right. The Strategies of the Neo-Nazis – and What We Can Do Against Them« (2009).