• TaxiBar Kryszinski's 11th case ISBN 978-3-86789-197-4 224 pages

    Enough is enough. Kryszinksi has shut down his investigative agency and taken over the TaxiBar, a 24-hour bar in Eppinghofen, Mulheim’s ill-famed train station district. Yet what he really wants is a trip, an endlessly long trip. His portal for this trip is in a package that he found on a deserted Atlantic beach and then gave to the dealer “Geronimo” on commission. Geronimo is shot, the original Addressees have turned up at his doorstep, the local Biker mafia is involved, Kryszinskis sworn enemy is found dead, three Roma girls disappear without a trace, commissioner Hufschmidt is sticking his nose everywhere, and Kryszisnki realizes he is already on a trip – a horror trip. How could all of this have happened without ever leaving the house?


    Jörg Juretzka

    born in Mülheim in 1955, is a carpenter by profession and used to build log cabins in Canada before turning to pressional writing. Furthermore, Juretzka writes film scripts and is a successful children's book author. For his crime fiction novels with protagonist Kristof Kryszinski he won the Deutscher Krimipreis three times, recently for "Totally Groovy" in 2010.