Tax Spy

  • Tax Spy How Heinrich Kieber created the most extensive Tax Scandal ISBN 978-3-86789-145-5 288 pages

    The unbelievable life of impostor Heinrich Kieber who unhinged the financial world.
    It was the worst imaginable catastrophe for the discreet Liechtenstein trustees and their international clientele: Heinrich Kieber, an employee of the Princely Trust Company LGT, illegally copied the firm’s entire client database and sold the stolen data to the German intelligence agency BND as well as to the US Internal Revenue Service, the Australian Taxation Office and other authorities. In return he was paid several million euros by the Germans, as well as a new identity and a safe haven by other grateful governments. For the finance ministers of the world, Heinrich Kieber is a hero – for Liechtensteiners he is just a traitor.
    During his work for the very successful documentary film of »Tax Spy« the author Sigvard Wohlwend investigated in nine states, spoke with relatives and friends and interviewed prosecutors. He reconstructs in the minutest details the theft of data and discovers the story behind the phantom. Heinrich Kieber was a child brought up in an institution. He made up the story that he was the child of very wealthy parents. He was a dazzler who cheated his friends and blackmailed the sovereign.
    Heinrich Kieber was the man who let collapse the bank secret of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Greed wasn’t the driving force … Sigvard Wohlwend provides an equally conclusive answer as to why Kieber did what he did.


    Sigvard Wohlwend

    is a freelance journalist. He lives in the Principality of Liechtenstein. He publishes regularly in leading Swiss newspapers like Tages-Anzeiger, Weltwoche, NZZ. In 2010 he produced with Sebastian Frommelt the documentary fi lm »Heinrich Kieber – Datendieb« (»Heinrich Kieber – Tax Spy«).