Lilli Berlin

  • Lilli Berlin Crime Novel ISBN 978-3-86789-198-1 224 pages

    Berlin, start of the 1980s: Rick Jankowski must go underground. With a grazing shot on the arm, he lands in the apartment of his old friend Benjamin and confides in him: he recounts the nature of his deep love for Lilli and the business dealings that his seedy boss Werner Karl Lausen ensnared him in. When the boss escapes an assassination attempt, his right hand Dr. Schupp believes he is holding all the aces. And finally there is Lilli, who is faced with a decision she alone can make…

    In a matter of a few dreary January days, an adventurous story, marked by love and longing, persecution and death, unfolds – a scenario between East and West, whose protagonists seem to be pulled by invisible strings.

    Ulf Miehe’s gripping and suspense-loaded crime thriller frames a realistic and fantastic piece of East-West reality.


    Ulf Miehe

    was born in 1940 in the Brandenburgian town Wusterhausen. He worked as an editor at a publishing house before he built up a reputation as a writer and director in Berlin and Munich. His crime thriller debut I have a dead person in Berlin (1973) was made into the film Output and translated into 10 languages. He had his breakthrough with Puma (1976) and Lilli Berlin (1981). He died on July 13, 1989 in Munich.