Fit for General Service

  • Fit for General Service Novel ISBN 9783867891240 272 pages

    Going down is always easier. That’s what Ferdinand and his three friends have noticed – four friends living in a dump of a house in a small Bavarian town, who spend their days boozing and burglarizing when not philosophizing about their modern refusal-to-work ethic. Apart from alcohol and an occasional little swindle, they have nothing in life. Until one day a stranger shows up and turns their lives inside-out. The charismatic achiever Albert wants to turn their hovel into a bed-and-breakfast and give their lives some meaning.
    Though putting up a fight at first, Ferdinand and his three friends eventually become active thanks to Albert and get to work on his building project.
    In his novel »Fit for General Service«, Budapest-born writer and translator Akos Doma tells a captivating story rife with black humor, while posing the question: Is there a right life in the wrong one?


    Akos Doma

    , born in 1963 in Budapest, was raised in Hungary, Italy and England and came to Germany at the age of 14. His debut novel »The Idler« was published by Rotbuch in 2001. Doma is a writer and translator – of László Földényi, Péter Nádas and Sándor Márai among others. He lives with his family in Eichstätt.