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  • Zolekile Pafa Evaluation of Citizen Participation in Policy Implementation Pafa:Evaluation of Citizen Participatio ISBN 9783843363815 Derzeit leider nicht verfügbar. 59,00 €

    In South Africa requires that the municipal authorities should involve citizens in policy implementation. This mini-dissertation is undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of the citizen participation in policy implementation. The study emanates from the assumption that citizens are not effectively involved in municipal matters. The main objectives of the study are to provide a theoretical framework for policyimplementation by describing and explaining its nature and place in Public Administration provide a constitutional framework for citizen participation in South and evaluate the interaction between citizens the councillors and the chief officials. The study is envisaged as providing possible solution to the ineffective participation of citizens in municipal matters. It is envisaged that this study will promote the involvement of citizens in municipal matters. Finally the study ends by providing recommendations to the problem of ineffective citizen participation.

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