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  • Tarun Abhichandani Evaluation of E-Government Initiatives for Citizen-Centric Delivery Abhichandani,T.:Evaluation of E-Govern. ISBN 9783639071900 sofort lieferbar 49,00 €

    Developments in digital technologies aretransforming the ways in which information is beingdelivered. Users, as a result, alter theirperceptions of potential use of such technologies.Upon witnessing a wide variety of expectations,entities in social and private agencies deliverinitiatives that are designed to meet informationalneeds of the eventual user. Through electronicgovernment programs, state and federal agenciesconsider effective delivery of information tocitizens (government-to-citizenservices). Past research indicates that, due tovaried expectations that people hold while utilizingpublic services available through digital means,there needs to be a citizen-centric delivery ofinformation related to such services. The bookextends this premise byevaluating citizens satisfaction with onlinegovernmental information services by formulating amodel for satisfaction-EGOVSAT. To demonstrate itsapplicability, the model has been applied to onlineAdvanced Transportation Information Services (ATIS),a form of government-to-citizen online servicedelivery in two US cities-Los Angeles andMinneapolis/St.Paul.

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