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  • Richie Krishna Fergus National Union of Ethical Citizens National Union of Ethical Citizens ISBN 9786137859773 sofort lieferbar 29,00 €

    The National Union of Ethical Citizens (Unión Nacional de Ciudadanos Éticos, UNACE) is a political party in Paraguay. Its predecessor, the Unión Nacional de Colorados Éticos, was founded in 1996 as a faction within the ruling Colorado party. At the last legislative elections, held on 27 April 2003, the party won 14.7% of the popular vote and 10 out of 80 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, and 13.7% of the vote and 7 out of 45 seats in the Senate. Its candidate at the presidential elections, Guillermo Sánchez Guffanti, won 13.5% of the popular vote.

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