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  • Kizito Tenthani Citizen Participation in Budget Processes Tenthani:Citizen Participation in Budge ISBN 9783848494538 Derzeit leider nicht verfügbar. 49,00 €

    In countries where governments are striving to reduce poverty, the so called pro poor budgets are becoming the order of the day. Often times, in these budgets the central aspect is that government expenditure has to be geared towards addressing the real needs of the people. The question that has to be asked is what is the people's involvement in the budget making processes? 'Nothing for us without us' should be the way to go. In this small book, Kizito Tenthani is exploring the notion of citizen partitipation in the budget processes. A must read for students of public finance, the book explores how the citizen can meaningfully take part in budget processes.

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